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Items not accepted

Ensuring we sell quality and stylish

Non-acceptable Items

Velani Boutique does not list –

  • vintage items
  • real fur
  • homemade or custom items
  • underwear
  • bodysuits without tags
  • women’s sleepwear, robes, gowns and slippers
  • cultural or traditional wear
  • wedding dresses
  • custom-made bridesmaids dresses
  • custom-made matric dance dresses
  • full length evening gowns
  • men’s clothing
  • non-clothing items such as books, toys and sports gear
  • items that contain crude language or content
  • items with political or sporting logos or slogans
  • tourist or event clothing
  • work uniforms
  • maternity belly bands
  • cloth or reusable diapers
  • non-clothing baby and child items
  • toe rings
  • swimwear without the protective strip still attached